I have chosen this image for Utopia because i felt that these types of high rise buildings were built with a utopian idea, the idea that these buildings where the ideal solution for housing the lower classes, I took this image from the back of my house and zoomed in about 135 to get this result. I have not used any photo-shop effects to create this image.


About Michael Hunter Photography

Photographer from glasgow
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4 Responses to Utopia

  1. zemra76 says:

    like this image they all are good. condition and ambiguity need some work done not as pure as the rest. nevertheless good job!!

  2. pacmanlolz says:

    I feel condition is the way i want it to be, and fits my idea so i like that one, probably agree on the ambiguity one though, i might look into tweaking it.

  3. pacmanlolz says:

    also cheers for the feedback bud.

  4. zemra76 says:

    no probs just meant that these two were not as clear as the rest of the meaning as your pictures are always very good!!

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