Brief – Fairtrade project

Description- create a piece of film based on the main ideology of the fairtrade, using these ideas i want to create a piece that will show the viewers that would previously be unbeknown to what Fairtrade actually does, what they do for people and what they actually sell to the world and also bring Fairtrade to an age group previously oblivious to what Fairtrade actually do, aka my age group.

Background & Inspiration – My main inspiration will be the past films made by Fairtrade and their way of working will also inspire me, the way they give back to the sellers can inspire me to create work that will be on the same level as their generosity. my background for this project will be my research on fairtrade and what they have achieved for the developing country.

Aims & Objectives – originally I aimed to create a hash tag for twitter to help gain peoples of my age groups attention and then create a T-shirt design for people to wear in support of fairtrade week (distributed by arcadia inc. [Topman/topshop]) to go along with my video, this would have been an ideal way to reach people of my age who are never without the internet and always looking for a new trend, but with no response from the company I have had to change my idea and have decided to create a stop-frame animation of me going round giving a tour of the one world shop, with a stop-frame animation this will be quirky and fun, which will appeal to my age group. I now want to show teenagers what Fairtrade actually sells, which is more than just bananas. Thus opening their eyes to a new idea of what Fairtrade is and what they achieve. I also plan on using the Fairtrade official song in the background to further show how creative Fair-trade support is and how varied it is, and further showing that anyone including the person watching can support them.

Target Audience – My target audience is people of my age group as asked for within the given brief, I have to create a piece of film that will bring a new generation to Fair-trade’s ideology and with my short film I intend in doing so.

Evaluation – Upon finishing my project I have realized that it is more difficult than I would have hoped for me to get into a bigger business to help me with my perhaps overambitious ideas. I also realized that the Fair-trade song that I intended to use was just far too cheesy for me to promote within my age group as it would have instantly felt like a primary school video and felt patronizing. Mixing two tracks together seems like an idea I could use in the future as it was quite successful for this task. Use of flash for my stop-frame was probably the best option although not perfect with sound files and I had issues with that the export quality of premiere was not coming out with the standards I required for the final animation. I also feel it would have been easier for me to get across the ideas of the Fair-trade if it wasn’t just a web film, with its limited time frame it was difficult to get around all the themes and some were cut from my final piece. Overall I feel the project was a success and I feel the client was happy with my work as a whole and with a quirky stop-frame animation I feel with that and the melodic dance track I mixed together it will appeal to people my age and help bring Fair-trade into a new generation.


About Michael Hunter Photography

Photographer from glasgow
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